Ball Valve Type TBV

Why do our ball valves have a metal-to-metal sealing system?

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Ball Valve Type TBV

HARTMANN VALVES ball valves of the TBV series find use when strict safety regulations require a dual pipeline shut-off. Designed for these applications, the HARTMANN VALVES TBV series combines two complete and independent shut-off systems (“Twin Ball Valve“) in just one housing: 0-bubble seal tight, and testable between the shut-off systems. The compact design facilitates operational reliability, and furthermore helps in saving space and lowering costs due to lowered material demands.

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  • Technical characteristic
    • Design according to DGRL 97/23/EG, API 6D or API 6A
    • Entirely metallic sealing systems
    • O-bubble leak rate
    • Three part housings (split body)pr block design made of forged material
    • Depending on the nominal width with trunnion-mounted or float-mounted spheres
    • Blowout-safe operating spindle
    • Float-mounted, self-centering seat rings with pretensioned spring elements
    • Automatic housing pressure relief (with trunnion-mounted spheres)
    • Sealing force dependent on line pressure
    • Double block and bleed (with trunnion-mounted spheres)
    • Exchangeability of upper operating spindle seal at full line pressure
    • No electrostatic charge-up
    • Fire safe according to API 6 FA and BS 6755/2
    • Maintenance free
  • Optional Design

    Upon request we manufacture and deliver the ball valves of the TBV series for you:

    • with Double Piston Effect (DIB)
    • made of special materials for extreme application areas
    • soft sealing
    • with and without drainage and ventilation connections
      (option with trunnion-mounted spheres)
    • with purely metallically sealing drainage ball valves (see option)
    • as reduced bore ball valves
    • with special interior and exterior coatings
    • with electric, pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic drives
    • as a special design for your special application case
  • Manufacturing program

    DGRL 97/23/EG und API 6D:
    DN 25 – DN 300 (2“ – 12“) bis PN 420 (ANSI 2500)
    further nominal widths and pressure stages on request!

    API 6A:
    1 13/16“ – 7 1/16“ bis API 10.000
    9“ – 11“ x 10“ bis API 5.000
    13 5/8“ – 16 3/4″ bis API 3.000
    PSL 1 – PSL 3G
    Temp. Class K – Y

    further nominal widths and pressure stages on request!


Our sales and design engineers eagerly await your enquiries from the high performance sector. In close collaboration we develop suitable components for your special applications.

Solutions for
extreme areas

Hartmann ball valves and wellheads are designed for pressure classes up to 690 bar, temperatures from -200 to +550°C as well as for high cycle operations and media of all types.

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Durable and low maintenance products reduce the life cycle costs of your plants. This is why we develop, assemble and test exclusively in Germany.

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You profit from more than 70 years experience during all project phases. We provide you with support, from consulting, development right through to installation and maintenance service.

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