High performance valves for extreme conditions

24. March 2015

Hartmann Valves’ ball valves are designed for extreme challenging conditions and allow shifting thresholds. Gas-tight and with entirely metallic sealing between ball and seal ring, the valves resist aggressive media, high pressures and extreme temperatures. The valves „made in Germany“ are exactly designed to the respective customer requirements for their process optimization.

With the development of valves (DN125 PN160 – picture) for pure oxygen at 350 °C and water vapour at 450 °C, an oxygen addition could be realized which makes the process of the customer notably more efficient. Other valves (12“ PN50) guarantee highest plant availability trouble-free for four years – thereby absolving circa 400,000 cycles in degreasing media at about 200 °C. Furthermore, Hartmann manufactures ball valves for hydrogen applications for 10 years and realized the feeding of hydrogen from renewable energies into the gas transportation system. For carbon pressure gasification facilities 20“ valves for application use at over 400 °C have already been delivered. The valve tightness has been verified by an abrasion test at 425 °C and helium as test media. For abrasive media such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) Hartmann developed an 8“ valve, which is applied for portioning the oxide. Using this ball valve, revision intervals of few weeks could be lengthened up to 15 months. In this time the valve absolved circa one million cycles.

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