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Innovative ball valve design with integrated heating jacket wins Valve Stars Award

01. December 2022

At the Valve World Expo 2022 in Düsseldorf, the Valve Stars Awards were announced in the categories of valves, actuators, seals and automation. In the category “Valves”, Hartmann Valves won with its innovative ball valve design with integrated heating jacket. The new ball valve design is characterised by the integration of the heating jacket into the valve body.

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New ball valve design with integrated heating jacket

21. October 2022

The heating of valves is particularly necessary for special applications. Heating jackets are used when media must remain fluid. Due to the constant low viscosity of the media, pump capacities can be reduced and damage caused by solidifying solids to the pipeline or the valves can be avoided.
Traditionally, double jackets are welded to the outside of the valve body to heat the media. The new ball valve design from Hartmann Valves integrates the heating jacket into the ball valve body and eliminating the need for welding double jackets.

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Kelly Valves for safe drilling and production operations

22. April 2022

Hartmann Valves launch a new standard in the field of Kelly Valves. As a drill string valve, Kelly Valves are used as a safety valve in the drilling rig. In the event of a possible kick they prevent the medium, by switching the ball to the closed position. The new developed Hartmann Kelly Valves are technically characterised by a wide temperature range from -46°C to +180°C (L/X), class 2 as standard and by their longevity and resistance to higher differential pressures.

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Starting signal for “H2CAST Etzel” – large-volume hydrogen storage

08. March 2022

In the north of Lower Saxony, the first phase of the pilot project “H2CAST Etzel” is starting with Hartmann Valves as project partner. In the hydrogen research and development pilot project, the feasibility of large-volume underground hydrogen storage is to be demonstrated and tested in operational storage operation. H2CAST stands for H2CAvern Storage Transition, i.e. the conversion of existing caverns and facilities in Etzel for the storage of hydrogen as a building block for a future energy system.

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75 Years – 75 Trees

29. October 2021

On Friday, 08th October 2021, 75 trees were planted near the company’s headquarter in Ehlershausen to mark the 75th anniversary of the Hartmann company. Initiated by the committed Hartmann NASCH (NAturSCHutz) group and supported by about 35 energetic volunteers, 16 different tree species and a total of 75 trees were planted at the beginning of October. The location of the event was a 2500 m² forest area whose spruces had been attacked by the bark beetle and now had to be reforested. The woodland is located next to the area of the former Hänigser oil fields and is a symbol for the energy and industry change, in line with the anniversary slogan “Together towards the future”.

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Primus Award for the new, innovative pigging ball valve

14. October 2021

The winners of the Primus Award were announced at the DIAM 2021 in Bochum. In the VALVE category, the winner was Hartmann’s new pigging ball valve, which has been submitted for patent. The new Hartmann pigging ball valve with multiple safety barrier to the sluice room enables the safe and easy launching and receiving of pigs even with (residual) pressure in the main line. In this new kind of construction, the sluice room is separately closed off by at least two additionally installed seat rings. Pressure gauges are used to monitor the sluice pressure.

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Ready for Hydrogen!

19. July 2021

The first Hartmann wellhead for hydrogen well testing phase 1 was recently installed in the Netherlands. Our customer Gasunie is responsible to develop the national hydrogen infrastructure. Within the project, sustainable hydrogen will be stored at the Zuidwending underground gas storage facility. First, the existing wellhead equipment was comprehensively tested by Hartmann´s Material Suitability Test in order to prevent material fatigue and hydrogen embrittlement. In addition to the existing hydrogen suitable parts (green spool) Hartmann designed and manufactured new wellhead components including metal-to-metal sealing, API 6A ball valves. As part of the FAT a successful H2 test for leak-tightness was conducted at Hartmann.

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75 years of Hartmann Valves

01. June 2021

With the slogan “Together Towards the Future”, Hartmann Valves GmbH will this year be celebrating its 75th company anniversary jubilee.
Traditionally rooted in the oil and gas industry, the innovative family business provides ongoing support for its customers on the path to renewable energies such as geothermal or hydrogen. Based around the metal-to-metal sealing ball valve and special high performance valves the product range had expanded to the area of wellheads as early as the end of the 1990’s. As a globally active system provider, Hartmann today stands out due to its extensive consulting, the development of individual customer solutions and commensurate range of services.

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Safe oxygen shut-off: new video on O2 ball valves

26. May 2021

Why the material selection and the manufacturing process are crucial with oxygen ball valves
With specially produced designed oxygen ball valves by Hartmann Valves, oxygen plants and oxygen pipelines can be reliably shut off and safely operated. With regard to the increased fire and explosion hazard, only metals and metallic and sealing materials are used in the process which are suitable for the demanding oxygen medium and are tested accordingly. A stringently specified production process guarantees oil and grease-free manufacture.

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New Video: Why ball valves instead of gate valves at the wellhead?

15. October 2020

Managing director Werner Hartmann explains the technical and commercial advantages of using ball valves instead of gate valves at the wellhead. It will be demonstrated how Hartmann ball valves lead to higher safety, reduced environmental impact, increased plant availability, minimized maintenance effort and thus lower operational costs. The video shows the comparison by means of […]

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