The right selection of materials and reliable
leak-tightness tests ensure safety


In future the challenging medium hydrogen will be utilised across increasing fields of application. All components in direct contact with hydrogen must be suitable and tested leak-tight in order to guarantee safe operation. Hydrogen valves and wellheads must therefore meet the design criteria and metallurgy for a leak-tight and secure hydrogen application.

Hartmann offers two hydrogen tests for both Hartmann ball valves and wellheads as well as for the products of other manufacturers (based on documentation).

The material suitability test evaluates the metallic material selection regarding its resistance against hydrogen embrittlement.


Molecular hydrogen H2 is comparatively stable and marginally reactive, therefore corrosion in the conventional sense is unlikely. So-called hydrogen embrittlement, i.e. hydrogen induced stress corrosion (see image), presents a risk for highly stressed pressurised components which requires particular consideration. Within the scope of the material suitability test, the material selection is comprehensively tested for hydrogen application.

The test is performed on the basis of the following standards:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (DGRL)
  • API 6A, API 6D, ASME
  • NACE MR175 / DIN EN ISO 15156

The following criteria are considered:

  • Hardness
  • Surface hardness
  • Ductility
  • Heat treatment and structure
A comprehensive pressure test with hydrogen provides assurance, that the threshold values are adhered to and fugitive emissions are minimized.


Being a small molecule, hydrogen can migrate through sealing elements. A comprehensive seal test provides assurance that the threshold values are adhered to and fugitive emissions are minimised.

  • The measurement of external leak-tightness is by means of mass spectrometer
  • Forming gas in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14175 is used as the test medium
  • The leak-tightness is measured based on DIN EN ISO 15848 (with appropriate threshold values)


These hydrogen tests performed individually or combined save you time and effort with in-house testing and provide operational safety:
  • Confirmed hydrogen compatibility of the metallic materials
  • Achievement of the highest leak-tightness requirements through standardised tests
  • Upgrading of inventory valves by Hartmann experts
  • Long service life, even at high pressures

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