Sustainability at Hartmann Valves

Think about tomorrow today

For us, sustainability is about thinking for tomorrow and contributing as a company. We do that as a company by acting in a sustainable manner ecologically, socially and economically.

At our locations in Celle and Ehlershausen we produce our own electricity with photovoltaics


Electricity, environment and resources

We produce our own electricity at our sites using photovoltaics and have been able to attain significant energy savings through building renewal.

Hartmann products are well-known on the market for their long service life and seldom need to be replaced. Thanks to constant new and further development their deployment contributes, among other things, to lower emissions.

We are currently supporting our customers through the transformation from traditional to renewable energies. As a pioneer in the field of deep geothermal energy and hydrogen, we were there from the start and still are.

The members of our Hartmann nature and environmental protection group (NASCH) are actively engaged in sustainable projects in and around the Hartmann company.

We're investing in young talents and are currently training in nine different trades


Regional commitment and the constant further training of our employees

Our know-how is our most important resource. That’s why we set great store by the in-house apprenticeships and further training of our employees. Our apprentices of today are our specialists of tomorrow. We train in nine different trades and take pleasure in every single apprentice we can continue to employ in the company after their apprenticeship.

The collaboration with regional suppliers and partners simplifies not only transport links but also strengthens the domestic economy.


Long term thinking – future-proof positioning

Engineered and made in Germany – this approach and our high quality products has made our third generation family run company successful on the world market.

In order to maintain our growth trajectory and to secure the future workplaces we plan for the long term. Hence we position ourselves in different branches – traditionally rooted in the oil and gas industry in addition to the (petro)chemical field and increasingly in the renewable energies such as geothermal and hydrogen. Through our experience we can also put our stamp on new markets in our fields and promote these proactively.

In our R&D department we research and develop innovative solutions on a daily basis which secures our long term competitive advantages.

There's more...

Sustainable action is imperative if we are to offer subsequent generations a world in which there is room for ideas, advancement and life. For this reason we scrutinise our actions in all areas and in so doing initiate new, sustainable projects. Stay tuned!

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