Since its founding in 1946, the family business has grown into a global system provider with 200 employees. Read the milestones of the company here.


Portfolio expansion through market entry in the area of Kelly Valves, which enable safe drilling and production operations.


The new Hartmann pigging ball valve with multiple safety barrier, submitted for patent, wins the Primus Award in the VALVE category. The winners of the Primus Award were announced at the DIAM 2021 in Bochum.


The company has 200 employees and celebrates its 75th company anniversary jubilee with the slogan "Together towards the future".


„Family Entrepreneur of the Year 2019“ - The association „The Family Entrepreneurs“ of Hanover region thereby recognizes the managing directors for their outstanding entrepreneurship and employee-orientated leadership.
The award was given to Werner Hartmann, who is leading the family-owned enterprise Hartmann Valves together with his brothers Christian and Martin Hartmann as the third generation.


Werner, Christian and Martin Hartmann assume the executive management in third generation.


The company is celebrating its 70 year existence – with an international customer forum, an open day and a big celebration for all its employees. As a systems supplier with a broad rang of industries, Hartmann Valves GmbH is today globally active and employs a workforce of around 150.


The three oldest sons join the family business: Werner Hartmann is currently active as sales manager, Christian Hartmann as purchasing manager and Martin Hartmann as project engineer.


Carsten Braun takes over the executive management from Wolfgang Genannt.


Expansion of the Celle location

The purchase of the adjacent property (previously Furtex) made it possible to expand production possibilities in incremental steps, and to establish the entire company at the Celle location for the medium-term.


Ms. Ute Hartmann takes over the Hartmann Valves GmbH



Well head components from CM-HARTMANN GmbH, ball valves from Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG. Two companies, one comprehensive product, the HARTMANN well head. To address this circumstance, the operative units of CM-Hartmann and Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG were merged in HARTMANN VALVES GmbH. As a result customers could be served from one location. By now about 100 associates are employed at the Hartmann Valves GmbH in both Celle and Ehlershausen locations.


With Hartmann Technology GmbH in Ettlingen, turnkey solutions can now be offered for the Asiatic market.


Timely positioning in renewable energies:

Since the turn of the century, numerous projects have been realised – particularly in the deep thermal energy sector. The picture on the left shows the wellhead in Bruchsal which was installed back in 1978 and reactivated in 2002.


Development of the twin ball valves (TBV) which constitutes a double shut-off within the overall length of a standard valve.


Takeover of the Maschinenfabrik in Celle and the Bogema

At the beginning of 1997 the Maschinenfabrik in Celle merged with CM Hartmann GmbH. Within the same year a new and larger location was found for the newly created entire enterprise. The takeover of Bogema (previously Bomag) integrated the location as well as also additional associates into the company. In order to concentrate on the well head business, the drilling rig division was spun off.


Portfolio expansion through scraper valves which replace the elaborate scraper valve interlock systems and enable continued operation of the conveying line.


Licence contract with Borsig terminated. From 1991/92 began the independent, national and international marketing headed by the authorised signatory Wolfgang Genannt.
The company at the time employed close to 20 staff.


The pure metallic sealing ball valve is developed. This will achieve zero bubble tightness (leak rate 0). Worldwide standards are being set to this day and Hartmann is occupying a pioneering role.


Development of the asymmetrically sealing ball valve. Mr. Werner Hartmann, Junior takes the company over from his father

Development of the asymmetrically sealing ball valve. This design make it possible to produce valves that are “fire safe”. These valves still have a defined base function after they have been subjected to fire for a certain amount of time. The new design replaces the old ones of type S. As a strategic consequence the Brazilian Joint Venture is released to the partner on location.


Founding of Borsig Hartmann Valve Ltd. in Canada with production starting in 1977.


Joint Venture Salvador da Bahia / Brazil location

The Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG company starts a Joint Venture at the Salvador da Bahia / Brazil location. The deployment of Montfort automatic machines makes the production of type S valves in large item numbers for the Brazilian market possible.


The first 6-station automatic rotary machine …

… gives the Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG company an enormous boost in production. Type S valves are produced almost completely on this, for its day, very modern machine. Only cross holes and finishing work has to still be performed by hand.


25 year licence contract with the Berlin company Borsig: Hartmann building ball valves up to size 6“ with Borsig building ball valves larger than 6“.


Filing and granting of patent for the ball valve in Germany, Austria and the USA (Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann senior)


Expansion of the product offering to include the type U valves.

By now these are being produced, successfully tested, and sold worldwide. Somewhat later the newly developed type S valves are successfully introduced into the Brazilian market besides the established type U valves. Production is running in top gear in a multi-shift operation.


The Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG company moves.

A newly built facility in Ehlershausen and new and more modern machines open new opportunities in production. The staff by now encompasses 7 associates, including a workshop foreman. The product offering has been expanded to include valves with one cylindrical ball plug. Due to the constantly growing demand and the resulting excellent order situation, work is contracted out to third-party companies.


Besides the company founder Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann there are now 3 additional associates employed at the company.

The Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG company now concentrates on the production of sliders for the oil and gas industry. These are already being manufactured in large item numbers and successfully marketed. In order to better utilize the machines and due to the very high demand for products from Hartmann, several shifts are employed.


Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann founds the Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG

Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann founds the Dipl. Ing. Werner Hartmann KG located in Ehlershausen. The field of activity is initially the grinding of eye glasses, and later also the production of brake light switches for vehicles.


After completing mechanical engineering studies at the Hannover Technical College, Dipl.-Ing. Werner Hartmann was employed as scientific assistant at the Reichsinstitut for mineral oil research and was also actively involved directly after the war.

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