Why ball valves instead of gate valves at the wellhead?

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Hartmann Debrining Gas First Fill Wellhead API 6A with ball valves Salt Cavern Gas Storage Storag Etzel
Hartmann Wellhead API 6A Sour H2S Gas Production Solid block design with quick closing ball valves
Hartmann Integrity Wellhead API 6A with ball valves Salt Cavern Gas Storage
Hartmann API 6A Wellhead Helium Salt Cavern Storage with ball valves
Hartmann Deep Geothermal Wellhead API 6A renewable energy electric downhole pump with ball valves
Hartmann Deep Geothermal Wellhead API 6A renewable energy eccentric hanger electric downhole pump with ball valves 3D
Durability and long service life characterize our equipment.

Our API 6A-compliant wellheads are designed to meet the highest standards and have been used for decades in oil and gas production, storage technology and deep geothermal applications. Made of high-quality materials, they are equipped as standard with gas-tight, purely metallic sealing ball valves.

An integrated design not only minimizes height and weight, but also saves a lot of money by saving on flange connections.

For the assembly service, repairs and maintenance an experienced service team is available around the clock.

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