Innovative ball valve design with integrated heating jacket wins Valve Stars Award

01. December 2022

At the Valve World Expo 2022 in Düsseldorf, the Valve Stars Awards were announced in the categories of valves, actuators, seals and automation. In the category “Valves”, Hartmann Valves won with its innovative ball valve design with integrated heating jacket. The new ball valve design is characterised by the integration of the heating jacket into the valve body.

In special applications, the heating of valves is necessary to keep the medium flowable. Traditionally, double jackets for heating the valve are welded to the outside of the valve body. By integrating the heating jacket into the ball valve body, it is possible to eliminate the need for welding on the double jackets and to benefit from the shorter distance between the heating medium and the medium to be heated, because the shorter distance can significantly improve the heat transfer. The purely metallic sealing also ensures that even if solids are contained in the medium, the essential seals (seat rings) are not damaged or destroyed. The compact design allows easy mounting of the bolts and nuts on the connecting flanges.


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