Ball Valve with integrated heating jacket

Why do our ball valves have a metal-to-metal sealing system?

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If special applications require the heating of valves to keep the medium flowable, heating jacket ball valves are used. The ball valve design with integrated heating jacket developed by Hartmann Valves is the innovative new version of the classic heating jacket ball valve.

The advantages of the integrated heating jacket ball valve at a glance:

  • No need to weld on double jackets
  • Improved heat transfer
  • energy saving
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy assembly

  • Information Sheet Heating Jacket
    Video: Metallic sealing system
    Video: Why ball valves instead of gate valves?
    • Design characteristics
      • Split body
      • Solid design; exclusive use of rolled and forged steel, no cast iron
      • Floating ball design
      • Seat elements spring-loaded on both sides
      • Metal-to-metal sealing (gastight)
      • DIN/ISO connection for mounting drives/accessories
      • Maxi-heating (full heating integrated in the ball valve, heating of both moving parts and flanges)
      • Standard heating jacket connections: 2 x NPT female thread
      • With standard or „oversized“ flanges
    • Optional Design

      Up on request, we also manufacture with the following design adaptations:

      • Larger nominal bore (DN)
      • Higher pressures (PN/Class)
      • Higher temperatures (up to 450°C)
      • Individual heating jacket connections
      • Individual face-to-face dimensions
      • Studded design with block flanges
      • Midi-heating (partial heating integrated in the ball valve, heating of moving parts)
      • Partially welded body
      • Brass interior for further improved heat transfer between heating medium and process medium
      • Heating jacket pressure optionally up to PN of the valve
    • Manufacturing program
      • Nominal bore: DN 25 to DN 150 (1” to 6”)
      • Pressures: up to PN 40/Class 300
      • Temperatures: from -10°C up to +300°C
      • Media: Liquid sulphur, wax, refinery residues, polymers
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