Reference Gas storage: EWE

Wellhead equipment for high demands: Durable wellheads with pure metallic sealing ball valves.

high level of flexibility and availability

With the new build of the storage plant in the Lower Saxony town of Jemgum, EWE Gasspeicher GmbH commissioned Hartmann Valves GmbH to supply all brine and gas wellheads, diverse special ball valves and the associated assembly and maintenance service. The „Hartmann concept“, i.e. the use of pure metallic sealing ball valves as wellhead shut-off valves which are absolutely gas-tight even in large nominal bores, had already proven itself in the equipping of other storage plants as highly durable and virtually maintenance-free.

Reference Gas Storage EWE
Plant The EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH cavern gas storage, Jemgum (Germany)
Working gas capacity approx. 350 million m³*
Max. injection rate 200.000 m³/h*
Max. withdrawal rate 250.000 m³/h*
*under standard conditions
Connection 3 market areas, 4 long-distance network operators
Engineering partners Underground: KBB Underground Technologies GmbH, Above-ground: PSE Engineering GmbH
Timetable Commencement of leaching phase: 2010; Commencement of gas first fill: 2013; Operational readiness: 2013 (caverns 1-4) and 2015 (caverns 5-8)
Brine plant All brine wellheads and equipment on the cavern pads, Ball valves DN 200 and DN 600
Brine pipeline line Ball valves DN 500 and DN 900
Gas plant All gas wellheads, Shut-off valves with throttling function DN 200, 250, 300, 400

Customer statement

In order to secure maximum availability and technical flexibility in the Jemgum natural gas storage, we count on high-performance engineering and trustful cooperation with our suppliers. Hartmann Valves impressed us in the project with their reliability, adherence to deadlines and engineering quality.

Paul Grönefeld
Technical Managing Director, EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH

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