Reference Geothermal: Traunreut

Well completion for the deepest and most productive German well.

Flexible in Design Modifications, Comprising Service

Consultant gec-co counts on Hartmann Valves & Wellheads for Well Completion

Geothermal energy is a perfect example for renewables. It is resource-saving, produces no pollution and the availability is almost unlimited. The city of Traunreut is an ideal location for geothermal energy since it is situated in the Bavarian Molasse Basin. With two wells drilled successful and the installation of the district heating transmission station, Traunreut feeds geothermal energy in the municipal network. 3000 housing units as well as industrial clients are supplied this way. The geothermal power plant will presumably produce climate-neutral electricity by 2016.

Reference Geothermal | Traunreut
Project District Heating and Geothermal Power Plant Traunreut
Operator Geothermal Power Plant Company Traunreut mbH (GKT)
Consulting engineers gec-co Global Engineering Consulting – Company GmbH
Depth TrGt1 4600 m (TVD ) TrGt2 5000 m (TVD )
Max. temperature 118° Celsius
Wellhead API 6A Wellhead with high resistant true metal seated ball valves
Flow rate 165 liter/second
Thermal power up to 12 MW therm
Electrical power (planned) up to 5 MW el

Consultant Statement

The deepest and most productive German well – gec-co GmbH has faced this challenge together with Hartmann Valves GmbH. We as consultant engineers were impressed by the large geothermal expert knowledge and the dedicated effort by the Hartmann team.

Thorsten Weimann (MBA)
CEO gec-co

Operator Statement

We are highly satisfied with the Hartmann components. They are running maintenance-free since the initial operation in early 2014.

Rochus Huber, Operational Manager
Geothermal Power Plant Traunreut

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