On our market days we invite all employees to explore both the culinary and the technical aspects of our markets.
Market day
Culinary info trip
Date Region/country Theme
9th June 2021 Bavaria Geothermal energy
30th June 2021 North Germany Underground storage
20th July 2021 Great Britain Service
11th August 2021 Italy Suppliers
13th October 2021 China (Petro)chemicals
2nd November 2021 Netherlands Traditional and new energies


The six culinary highlights will initially be as takeaways from the yard. What’s happening and when will be announced 1 – 2 weeks in advance. The different locations and shifts will of course be taken into account.

Our nature and environment group are involved with numerous campaigns in the area around Hartmann
75 years – 75 trees
Our symbol for ecological action and the energy revolution.

Within the scope of the jubilee, the nature and environmental group NASCH has initiated a tree planting campaign. Together as the Hartmann Team we want to plant 75 trees. Further information to follow.

Interested in NASCH projects at Hartmann?

The NASCH group is looking forward to recruiting helpers. For information and if interested simply

Sustainability at Hartmann

16 freie Stellen und Ausbildungsplätze

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