API 6A Ball Valve

Replace your gate valves at the wellhead with our high quality ball valves

Wellhead with integrated API 6A ball valves to minimize flange connections and large 13 5/8” full bore top valve.
Hartmann natural gas storage wellhead incl. API 6A ball valves, gas-tight at high pressures and large diameters.
Deep geothermal energy wellhead incl. API 6A ball valves, resistant to temperature, corrosion and scaling.
Hartmann Wellhead for gas storage in solid block design with integrated API 6A ball valves, two master valves in one block.

API 6A Ball Valves

Hartmann API 6A ball valves offer numerous advantages over classic gate valves. Due to their equal overall length, gate valves can be easily replaced at the wellhead.

Gate valves have become established for use at the wellhead, but come with some disadvantages. With the API 6A metal-seated ball valves, we offer a replacement in the same overall length, which brings the following advantages:

  • Higher operational reliability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Higher plant availability
  • Reduced costs
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Metallic sealing and gas-tight

For ball valves at the wellhead according to API 6A we offer a standard delivery program.
Our delivery times are approx. 12 weeks.

Information Sheet API 6A Ball Valves
Standard Supply Range
Video: Metallic Sealing System
Video: Why Ball Valves instead of Gate Valves?


  • Design Features

    • 2-piece housing
    • Type AST with trunnion mounted ball ≥ 2 1/16”
    • Type ASF with floating ball for 10,000psi ≤ 2 1/16”
    • Metallic sealing system with tungsten carbide hard-faced coating
    • Triple shaft seals (type AST)
    • Fugitive emission acc. ISO 15848-1 up to +200°C
    • Anti-blowout shaft /anti-static design
    • Conforms DIN/ISO standard gear mounting
    • Position indicator for open position on all ball valves ≥4 1/16”
    • Drain port NPT or ISO incl. bleeder plug
    • DIB-2 design* (type AST)

    *Double Isolation and Bleed 2 (DIB-2) design: has upstream seat equipped with a standard seat ring to
    ensure pressure relief of valve cavity in the direction of the well. The downstream seat ring is equipped with
    split seat ring to provide a “Double Piston effect” and seals in both directions. –› Double barrier against
    well pressure.

  • Classification API 6A

    • Material class EE-NL
    Also, AA, BB, DD; EE-NL (H2S no limit), EE-1.5
    • Quality class PSL3 or PSL3G
    • Performance level PR1 (PR2 on request)
    • Temperature class L/X
    L/X also includes N, P, S, T, U and V
    • All wetted parts acc. API 6A ductility
    • All wetted parts with hardness values acc. ISO 15156 (NACE)

  • Colour System

    • Light protection primer C2 in acc. DIN ISO 12944-5, RAL 1013 (HV 2)
    • Medium protection C3 in acc. DIN ISO 12944-5, RAL 5012 (HV 3)
    • High protection C5-M in acc. DIN ISO 12944-5, RAL 5012 (HV 4)
    • High temperature resistant aluminium (HV 6)

    Other colour systems on request

API 6A ball valves at the wellhead for gas storage operation
Typ AST (as trunnion mounted ball)
Typ ASF (as floating ball)


Metal seated ball valves at the wellhead.

Our Hartmann Valves API 6A ball valves are available in various designs:

In addition, the seat system is metal-to-metal sealing.

Our technical advantages

Metal-to-Metal Sealing System in Ball Valves

Why Ball Valves instead of Gate Valves at the Wellhead?

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