Managing director Werner Hartmann explains the technical and commercial advantages of using ball valves instead of gate valves at the wellhead. It will be demonstrated how Hartmann ball valves lead to higher safety, reduced environmental impact, increased plant availability, minimized maintenance effort and thus lower operational costs. The video shows the comparison by means of technical product models as well as different wellhead designs in diverse industries.



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Hartmann special ball valves assure safety in gas turbine applications worldwide. For the Siemens turbines SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) and SGT5-2000E (V94.2) and Ansaldo turbines AE94.3A and AE94.2 standard shut-off or special designed multi-way ball valves are available as reliable combination with different actuators. They are implemented for diverse services with the media fuel oil, fuel gas, natural gas, air and water. Depending on the application they are designed from DN 25 up to DN 250, for pressures from 16 up to 160 bar and for high temperatures up to 315 °C (natural gas). Further ball valves for turbines can be developed on request. An overview and all ball valve details can be found in the new brochure.

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In addition to special hydrogen ball valves and wellheads Hartmann Valves now also offers material suitability and hydrogen leak-tightness tests for challenging hydrogen (H2) applications. Reliable shut-off valves, the right material selection as well as standardised pressure tests help users to increase the operational safety in existing and new hydrogen application areas.

Durable special Hartmann ball valves are equipped with a true metal-to-metal sealing system and are gas-tight, even at high pressures up to 690 bar. Special designs for temperatures up to 550°C are available. The Double Isolation and Bleed (DIB) option provides additional safety.
For all metallic components in direct contact with hydrogen Hartmann offers standardised material suitability tests. Within the test scope the metallic material selection is evaluated regarding its resistance against hydrogen embrittlement to make sure that it is fit for hydrogen service. Furthermore, a comprehensive pressure test with hydrogen provides assurance, that the threshold values are adhered to and fugitive emissions are minimised. Thanks to these professional tests also inventory valves of Hartmann and other manufacturers can be upgraded

Special valves, which have evolved for the demanding hydrogen medium, have been used in the petrochemical industry for many decades. With energy transition, hydrogen will be found increasingly in other fields of application – from electricity generation (such as power-to-gas), through transport (in natural gas grids or hydrogen pipelines), to processing and mobility.
The underground storage of hydrogen in salt caverns constitutes an environmentally friendly and safe solution for storing large amounts of energy to balance between power generation and demand.
Here, wellheads serve as secure interface between underground and surface.

H2 Solutions

In order to enable safe and reliable shut-off even at temperatures below -100°C, Hartmann has developed various ball valve designs with construction features and materials suitable for low temperatures. Soft sealing valves often reach their limit when the main seal between ball and housing (seating) fails. The soft material contracts at low temperature and as a consequence becomes hard or brittle. However, the Hartmann metallic sealing ball valves are not effected by the low temperature, because the ball and seats are matched, and the metallic seals are not subjects to embrittlement and contraction. The medium ethylene, which is used as an important raw material for the chemical industry in the production of polyethylene, ethylene oxide or styrene amongst others, demands very special shut-off valves. Ethylene is frequently conveyed at high pressures.
The Hartmann ball valves deployed in various plants around the world have a pure metallic sealing system and are equipped with suitable high quality coatings. The special processing of the coated parts ensures that the valves are gas-tight even at high ethylene pressure of 210 bar. In some plants the ethylene is also present at -110°C. In such cases, low temperature qualified materials are used. To guarantee the seal at the actuating shaft, the shaft is extended and the gas tight sealing is set off the areas exposed to extreme temperatures. Due to the flammability of ethylene, it is standard that Hartmann ball valves are tested Fire Safe and are antistatic.

Successful changeover: The Xmas tree with ball valves

Within the scope of overhauling several Xmas trees for gas production, a completely new design of construction was decided on: In the place of Xmas trees with gate valves, solid block Xmas trees with integrated ball valves have already been in operation at several North German locations since 2018. This concept unites the preferences for a compact design with the advantages of gas-tight ball valves over gate valves – at high and in particular also low pressures. Also decisive was the positive experiences with safety ball valves as complementing quick-closing valves in the above-ground installations. The innovative design, which was developed in close collaboration between Hartmann Valves and the operator, provides not only for increased safety and simple operability but also for significantly reduced maintenance requirements.


EEK article

At the 37th Celle Wasa run on the 10th March 2019 many of the blue-and-white “Hard” men, women and children were once more on route at the double through the town centre. “Hard” in the truest sense of the word – as the 30 or so participants didn’t shy away from the adverse weather conditions and were at the start with determination and good spirits. At least the youngest stayed dry on the morning Mini Wasa run but the older ones then had to crank it up later on to reach the well-earned dry of the Hartmann tent as quickly as possible after their 5, 10 or 15 kilometres. So great results achieved again by the employees, company management and family and friends running partners – both in the 3-man team scores and also the many front runners in the respective age classes (male /female). The fastest 5 km Hartmann runner wasn’t even recorded – at 9 years of age, Zoé Krüger wasn’t wearing an official starting number. All the results of the run are published here:

Since the start of 2019 Peter Wegjan has been overseeing the areas of chemical, petrochemical and plant construction at Hartmann Valves and advises customers on ball valve shut-off solutions for special application fields. As a chemical engineer he has experience in sector-related sales and management both home and abroad and was active over many years for a well known valve manufacturer.
Hartmann Valves develops and produces ball valves and process valves for particularly demanding areas such as low and high temperatures, high pressures, solids, high switching frequencies, special materials and multi-way valves.

“I am delighted with Hartmann to now be able to offer solutions everywhere where “standard ball valves” are no longer deployable. The close cooperation with the users and our design department inhouse makes the work in this regard especially exciting”, says Peter Wegjan.

“With our individual customer solutions, a high level of advisory competence and personal customer contact is decisive. In Peter Wegjan we have not only gained an experienced expert for our team but will also further expand this promising area of business. The initial feedback from the sector is already very positive”, says a happy Werner Hartmann on the recruitment.

Hartmann Valves auf der DIAM in Leipzig 13./14.März
2019: Stand A32

The award „Family Entrepreneur of the Year 2019“ was given to Werner Hartmann, who is leading the family-owned enterprise Hartmann Valves together with his brothers Christian and Martin Hartmann as the third generation. The association „The Family Entrepreneurs“ of Hanover region thereby recognizes the managing directors for their outstanding entrepreneurship and employee-orientated leadership.

At the award ceremony this film portrait of Werner Hartmann was shown:


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The global competiveness of the specialist supplier of ball valves and wellheads is ensured through high innovative capacity and expansion in new sectors such as renewables. Thus, also in hard times as during the oil crisis, Hartmann was able to keep the whole staff and has continuously been on course for expansion. In 2018, Hartmann Valves achieved a record turnover and invested considerably in modernizing the production as well as in additional personnel. „Our employees are our most important resource and the crucial factor for our success“, understands Werner Hartmann. „Therefore I am glad to accept this award not only in the name of my brothers and the whole family, but first of all as a reward and motivation for our great team.“

Picture: Andreas Pralle (2.l.), president of „The Family Entrepreneurs“ of Hanover region hands the award to Werner Hartmann (2.r.), who is glad to accept it together with his brothers Christian (l.) and Martin (r.).

New apprenticeship trade plus 18 job vacancies and apprenticeships in Burgdorf-Ehlershausen and Celle

Record turnover, full order books and personnel growth – the first year with the new managing directory Werner, Christian and Martin Hartmann tells its own tale. As the third generation, they took over the family business in January 2018 and are steering it towards the future. In order to implement the many large orders in 2019, not only has considerable investment been made in modernising the infrastructure but additional qualified personnel are now being sought above all. “Our employees are our most important resource. Only through their commitment and their know-how can we, as a medium-sized German company, be so globally successful and ensure our competitiveness”, understands managing director Christian Hartmann.
The current 18 advertised positions are distributed across the areas of purchasing, quality assurance, IT, service /repair and welding as well as machining, assembly, test facility, painting and dispatch through to HGV driver. Needs-based and with the objective of long-term takeover, the apprenticeship trade of industrial mechanic has also been newly included. In addition, Hartmann Valves are looking for machinists, warehouse logisticians and technical product designers to start training in 2019. Varied and challenging assignments, informal atmosphere, team spirit and family-friendliness are what epitomises working in this family-run business.
A total of 150 employees at the Burgdorf-Ehlershausen and Celle locations are entrusted daily with the development and production of high performance products for the world market. As a specialist supplier of ball valves and wellheads, Hartmann is securing its market position through innovative developments in extremely demanding areas which the standard suppliers don’t cover. Large orders come not only from Germany, Europe, Asia and Saudi Arabia but also in the area of the new energies in South Germany Hartmann is, for instance, the market leader in the deep geothermal sector (geothermal heating). In this regard, the Munich Stadtwerke will be supplied with six wellheads for a further power plant which are in part already being built. Hartmann Valves is thereby assisting the Stadtwerke with the implementation of their district heating vision: by 2040 Munich will be the first large German city in which district heating will be extracted 100 % from renewable energies, above all geothermal.

All job offers, apprenticeships and the online application form are to be found on our homepage under:


Photo: Jan-Ole Hahlbrock, third-year apprentice machinist at Hartmann Valves: “Taking on responsibility quickly and working on the most modern machines – that’s what I particularly like about Hartmann as a training company. I’m looking forward to a permanent position in 2019.”


Photo: Marvin Ruthe, industrial mechanic instructor at Hartmann Valves: “Whoever has an appetite for energetic involvement in new products, to learn on a daily basis and take on new challenges is in the right place with our team.”


Photo: Hilke Müller, training manager and careers contact at Hartmann Valves: “We’re currently looking to reinforce in virtually every area and are particularly delighted in 2019 to be able to offer apprenticeships to motivated new blood in four vocations.”


Photo: The managing directors Werner, Martin and Christian Hartmann (from left to right) are holding the family enterprise on course for growth and are investing in modernisation and personnel.

Hartmann special ball valves in integrated design provide a safe and space saving alternative compared to the use of single valves. By integrating several components or functions in one component not only the installed height and weight is minimized but also safety is increased thanks to saving on flanged connections. A variety of combinations is possible – always adapted to customer specific requirements. The classic Twin Ball Valve for example consists of two integrated ball valves, which can be equipped with two independent barriers each. Thereby the safety can be raised by factor four compared to a standard valve. Another type is a combination ball valve consisting of one 3-way ball valve and two shut-off ball valves integrated in one body.
Furthermore, an integrated design of wellhead components is more and more in use in the oil and gas industry as well as in deep geothermal applications. Also these Hartmann solid blocks (see picture) are fitted as standard with metal-to-metal sealing ball valves which are also gas-tight. In comparison to gate valves they offer a very high level of safety as they have a lower tendency towards blocking, are subject to less wear and don’t have to be filled with grease which can contaminate downstream plant parts.

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