Renewable Energy

Example: Ball valves for Power-to-gas plant

Thanks to their special technical characteristics, high performance valves of Hartmann Valves GmbH are often chosen for new, highly demanding application areas, such as power-to-gas as innovative renewable energy. Power-to-gas is a process to convert electricity produced by renewables into chemical energy. As one of the first companies worldwide E.ON Gas Storage GmbH demonstrates in Falkenhagen, Germany a way how renewable energy can be stored in the natural gas grid in order to make production independent from consumption. In the demonstration project electricity and water are converted via electrolysis in up to 360 Nm3/h hydrogen which is then fed into the gas grid. For the power-to-gas-plant „WindGas Falkenhagen“ E.ON Gas Storage GmbH chose Hartmann shut-off valves approved for pure hydrogen service and designed for tightness over a long operational period. These true metal sealing ball valves meeting these excessive demands. Since commissioning in 2013 they successfully help assuring maximum safety and plant availability.

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