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Reliable isolation for Wolfersberg Gas Storage -
Unique Twin Ball Valves designed for space limitation

Maximum safety for natural gas storage

Reliable isolation for Wolfersberg Gas Storage – Unique Twin Ball Valves designed for space limitation

Since the upper Bavarian gas storage facility of DEA was established in 1973 about 800 Hartmann ball valves have been installed in the various operations. The depleted gas reservoir with depths of 2,900 to 3,000 metre located southeast of Munich is the deepest gas storage in Europe. Besides the 10 wells for injection and production, facilities are run for the compression, pressure reduction, drying and temperature control of the gas. A very high safety level as well as plant availability are critical. When old shut-off valves had to be replaced, Hartmann designed extra compact Twin Ball Valves, which are bubble-tight and solve problems of space limitation.

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Facility Pore storage DEA Wolfersberg, Germany
Working gas capacity 365.000.000 m³*
Max. injection rate 140.000 m³/h*
Max. withdrawal rate 240.000 m³/h*
Valves approx. 800 Hartmann ball valves, including approx. 40 Twin Ball Valves
Nominal size (DN) 15 – 300 mm
Pressure rating (PN) 100 – 250 bar
Characteristics Standard or studded flanges True metal-to-metal sealing Zero-bubble-tight Maintenance-free
Design PED + AD 2000 DIN 3230 part 5 PG3 Inspection 3.2 (TÜV)

On rare occasion when a Hartmann valve has not immediately been gas tight, we conduct some repeat cycles which allow the valve to settle to complete tightness again. Whereas previously, even when we greased the original valves every half year – they were still leaking.

Stefan Jirsak,
Operations Manager, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

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