Gas transport | Nord Stream

With zero leakage, a 50 year lifetime and exceptional temperature and pressure ratings.

High performance valves for life

With zero leakage, a 50 year lifetime and exceptional temperature and pressure ratings, Hartmann ball valves have significantly reduced maintenance demands on the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The Nord Stream pipeline transports natural gas from Russia to the EU internal market, with capacity to deliver up to 55 bcm per year, providing enough power for up to 26 million homes.
Nord Stream wanted to upgrade the pipeline’s valve system, to reduce maintenance demands and ensure reliable sealing on this important route.
Nord Stream selected Fahlke Control Systems and Hartmann Valves to deliver a new system, complete with actuator, control unit and ball valves, which could meet Nord Stream’s high safety, temperature, pressure and corrosion standards and deliver a 50+ year operational life.

Reference Gas transport | Nord Stream
Project Upgraded valve system for Nord Stream gas pipeline
Partner Fahlke Control Systems KG
Valves 4 custom built, full bore, 2-piece ball valves (AST) plus 1 spare for testing
Material Duplex stainless steel and tungsten carbide
Features Double piston effect on one side provides a double barrier in the flow direction to ensure the seal is maintained, even in an emergency scenario
Operational life >50 years
Temperature range -26° to +39°C (tested at -39°C and +60°C; 200 cycles at working pressure)
Design pressure 250 bar
Actuator and Control Unit 4 gas actuators (Fahlke GAZ-C-1-250-SRO-T) plus 1 spare for testing
Material AAISI 316 plus O-Rings according to NORSOK standard
Features Monitoring of electrical surge protection unit and three-fold pressure monitoring
Operational Life >25 years
Customer Statement

Hartmann Valves provided high quality metal seated ball valves that not only meet Nord Stream’s stringent safety and sealing demands, but also deliver long-term performance.

Andrea Selvi
Maintenance Manager, Nord Stream

Despite exceptionally high testing requirements, the Hartmann valves and Fahlke actuators performed well against all measures, demonstrating high durability, safety and sealing.

Mark Gaskell
Project/Valve Engineer, CONSUB Ltd. UK

The collaboration with Hartmann was very professional. Because of that it was possible to realize this technically very demanding project in time.

Jens Hadenfeldt
Sales Manager, Fahlke Control Systems

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