Twin Ball Valve: Double-Barrier ensures higher operational safety

16. 8月 2016

The Twin Ball Valve (TBV) developed by Hartmann Valves provides a double line barrier and enables a significant increase of safety without much effort. Designed for applications with especially high safety requirements, the TBV consists of two integrated ball valves, which can be equipped with two independent barriers each. Thereby the safety can be raised by factor 4 compared to a standard valve. With the Double Isolation and Bleed function each ball valve seals both at the upstream and downstream side. With the so-called “studded”-design, meaning a closed flange form, the valve has the length of a single standard valve and affords a compact and economic alternative for the application of multiple valves.
The twin ball valve comprises – like all Hartmann valves – a pure metal-to-metal sealing system between ball and seatring. With this sealing system leakage rates A, respectively 0, can be fulfilled. Furthermore it is characterized by an outstanding longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Hartmann Valves at Valve World fair (29.11.-1.12.2016 in Düsseldorf/Germany): Booth 3J02 –


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