Promising discussions with Icelandic Geothermal Cluster

21. 11月 2016

Thanks to its special geology Iceland already uses geothermal energy since centuries. For further enhancements Icelandic experts are also interested in exchanging with German geothermal and drilling experts. In November 2016 the Iceland Geothermal Cluster invited a delegation of GeoEnergy Celle e.V. to a meeting in Reykjavík, which was also joined by Maurice Walter from Hartmann Valves. After discussing about cooperation possibilities and technical standards the delegation visited the new geothermal power plant Theistareykir and the Iceland Deep Drilling Project 2. This project is characterized by temperatures up to 500 °C in a depth of 4000 meters – challenging extreme conditions, for which Hartmann Valves’ wellheads and ball valves are specialized and well proven in numerous geothermal projects. „In the Icelandic market we see high potential for our customized solutions and we are looking forward to continuing the discussions within the next months“, says Maurice Walter.

Caption: Visit of GeoEnergy Celle to Iceland Geothermal Cluster, here at the site of Iceland Deep Drilling Project 2: GeoEnergy Chairman Thor Noevig (right), Achim Fischer-Erdsiek of NW Assekuranz (2.right) and Maurice Walter (left) of Hartmann Valves (Source: Iceland Geothermal)

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