Reference Nord Stream: Hartmann ball valves assure highest security

09. 12月 2016

At the world’s longest subsea natural gas pipeline an upgrade of the pipeline’s valve system was realized. With this project Nord Stream wanted to reduce the maintenance effort, extend the life cycle and ensure reliable sealing on this important route between Wyborg (Russia) and Lubmin (Germany). The new system consisting of Fahlke actuators, control unit and Hartmann ball valves could fulfill the high requirements regarding safety, temperature, pressure and corrosion standards and deliver a lifetime of many decades. The design of the custom-designed full bore 2-piece ball valves aimed for maximum longevity whilst minimizing response time in the event of an emergency shutdown. The A-rated Hartmann valves guaranteed zero leakage, and were coping with the high pressure of 250 bar and low temperature up to -39°C. Therefore the system had to pass numerous tests, for example in a cold chamber.
“Hartmann Valves provided high quality metal seated ball valves that not only meet Nord Stream’s stringent safety and sealing demands, but also deliver long-term performance“, says Andrea Selvi, Maintenance Manager at Nord Stream.


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