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Primus Award for the new, innovative pigging ball valve
14. октября 2021

The winners of the Primus Award were announced at the DIAM 2021 in Bochum. In the VALVE category, the winner was Hartmann’s new pigging ball valve, which has been submitted for patent. The new Hartmann pigging ball valve with multiple safety barrier to the sluice room enables the safe and easy launching and receiving of […]

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New Video: Why ball valves instead of gate valves at the wellhead?
15. октября 2020

Managing director Werner Hartmann explains the technical and commercial advantages of using ball valves instead of gate valves at the wellhead. It will be demonstrated how Hartmann ball valves lead to higher safety, reduced environmental impact, increased plant availability, minimized maintenance effort and thus lower operational costs. The video shows the comparison by means of […]

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Ball Valves for Gas Turbines
05. октября 2020

Hartmann special ball valves assure safety in gas turbine applications worldwide. For the Siemens turbines SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) and SGT5-2000E (V94.2) and Ansaldo turbines AE94.3A and AE94.2 standard shut-off or special designed multi-way ball valves are available as reliable combination with different actuators. They are implemented for diverse services with the media fuel oil, fuel gas, […]

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Hydrogen Ready?! — Products and tests for H2 applications
12. мая 2020

In addition to special hydrogen ball valves and wellheads Hartmann Valves now also offers material suitability and hydrogen leak-tightness tests for challenging hydrogen (H2) applications. Reliable shut-off valves, the right material selection as well as standardised pressure tests help users to increase the operational safety in existing and new hydrogen application areas. Durable special Hartmann […]

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Gas-tight ethylene ball valves
14. апреля 2020

In order to enable safe and reliable shut-off even at temperatures below -100°C, Hartmann has developed various ball valve designs with construction features and materials suitable for low temperatures. Soft sealing valves often reach their limit when the main seal between ball and housing (seating) fails. The soft material contracts at low temperature and as […]

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Innovative solid block design
11. октября 2019

Successful changeover: The Xmas tree with ball valves Within the scope of overhauling several Xmas trees for gas production, a completely new design of construction was decided on: In the place of Xmas trees with gate valves, solid block Xmas trees with integrated ball valves have already been in operation at several North German locations […]

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Sporting team – Hartmann «hard men» run through Celle old town
14. марта 2019

At the 37th Celle Wasa run on the 10th March 2019 many of the blue-and-white «Hard» men, women and children were once more on route at the double through the town centre. «Hard» in the truest sense of the word – as the 30 or so participants didn’t shy away from the adverse weather conditions […]

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New contact for the chemical industry
11. февраля 2019

Since the start of 2019 Peter Wegjan has been overseeing the areas of chemical, petrochemical and plant construction at Hartmann Valves and advises customers on ball valve shut-off solutions for special application fields. As a chemical engineer he has experience in sector-related sales and management both home and abroad and was active over many years […]

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Family Owned Businesses entrepreneur of the year 2019 – Werner Hartmann in portait
17. января 2019

The award „Family Entrepreneur of the Year 2019“ was given to Werner Hartmann, who is leading the family-owned enterprise Hartmann Valves together with his brothers Christian and Martin Hartmann as the third generation. The association „The Family Entrepreneurs“ of Hanover region thereby recognizes the managing directors for their outstanding entrepreneurship and employee-orientated leadership. At the […]

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Compact and safe – Ball valves in integrated design
01. октября 2018

Hartmann special ball valves in integrated design provide a safe and space saving alternative compared to the use of single valves. By integrating several components or functions in one component not only the installed height and weight is minimized but also safety is increased thanks to saving on flanged connections. A variety of combinations is possible – always adapted to customer specific requirements.

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