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Compact and safe – Ball valves in integrated design
01. октября 2018

Hartmann special ball valves in integrated design provide a safe and space saving alternative compared to the use of single valves. By integrating several components or functions in one component not only the installed height and weight is minimized but also safety is increased thanks to saving on flanged connections. A variety of combinations is possible – always adapted to customer specific requirements.

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Hydrogen ball valve: FDA conformity and metal-to-metal sealing system
13. июля 2018

Hartmann special valve fulfils high level requirements for the food industry

The new development from Hartmann Valves simultaneously combines several characteristics aimed at maximum leak-tightness, safety and durability: designed for hydrogen and fitted with a metal-to-metal sealing between the ball and seat ring, the ball valve fulfils a leak rate of A or 0 and also complies with the high level purity requirements of the Food & Drug Administration.

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New film: Why do our ball valves have a metal-to-metal sealing system
01. июля 2018

The new 3D film explains the advantages of the Hartmann metal-to-metal sealing system in comparison to soft sealing or PMSS systems. When closing the ball valve the internal velocity of the medium increases. The sealing system is now exposed to being struck by high speed debris. In the film you can learn what damage is caused at the inlet and downstream side of a soft sealing ball valve and this will result in expensive repairs.

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Team Hartmann starts the running season with motivation
11. марта 2018

At the annual Celle Wasa Run on the 11th March 2018 the Hartmann Running Team was again able to combine sport, fun and team spirit in their white and blue colours. The preceding training in frosty temperatures had paid off: on the one spring day so far this year almost 30 starters were able to enjoy the run through Celle city centre in T-shirts.

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Generation change in the company leadership
13. января 2018

From the 1st of January 2018, the brothers Werner, Christian and Martin Hartmann will be taking over the executive management of Hartmann Valves GmbH as the third generation. In so doing they are superseding their mother Ute Hartmann, the managing company owner, and also Carsten Braun, the technical managing director.

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Important wellhead order for new geothermal plant in Munich
12. января 2018

With another order from Stadtwerke München, the municipal energy supplier of the Bavarian capital, Hartmann Valves stabilizes its leading market position in deep geothermal applications.
For the new geothermal plant in the “Schäftlarnstraße” the German system supplier will deliver four wellheads with integrated ball valves as well as the installation service.

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Durable brine and gas wellheads in the EWE Jemgum cavern storage
10. апреля 2017

With the new build of the storage plant in the Lower Saxony town of Jemgum, EWE Gasspeicher GmbH commissioned Hartmann Valves GmbH to supply all brine and gas wellheads, diverse special ball valves and the associated assembly and maintenance service. The „Hartmann concept“, i.e. the use of pure metallic sealing ball valves as wellhead shut-off valves which are absolutely gas-tight even in large nominal bores, had already proven itself in the equipping of other storage plants as highly durable and virtually maintenance-free.

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Hartmann team donates scraper valve to local oil museum
09. апреля 2017

At the company outing to the „Hänigser Teerkuhlen-Museum“ Werner Hartmann handed over a Hartmann exhibition valve to the museum manager. Dr. Thomas Degro and the Hänigser “Teerkerle” were very impressed by the imposing valve and its operation. The scraper valve not only serves as shut-off valve, but also as pig launcher or receiver for cleaning the pipeline.

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Successful start in the event season
20. марта 2017

With attractive booth design and interesting presentations the Hartmann team successfully took part in the first trade fairs in spring 2017 and was able to establish many new business contacts.
At the GeoTHERM end of February in Offenburg Hartmann for the first time was represented with an own exhibition booth and met many existing customers as well as new international contacts.

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Maximum safety for natural gas storage
20. марта 2017

About 800 Hartmann ball valves are installed in the upper Bavarian DEA gas storage facility Wolfersberg, the deepest gas storage in Europe. A very high safety level as well as plant availability are critical.
When old shut-off valves had to be replaced, Hartmann designed extra compact Twin Ball Valves (TBVs), which are bubble-tight and solve problems of space limitation.

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