Power to Gas: Uniper Energy Storage

Metal to metal sealing ball valves for innovative hydrogen project.

Valves for innovative hydrogen project

Maximum operational safety and availability of Power-to-Gas-Plant: E.ON Gas Storage counts on true metal sealing ball valves

In 2013 Uniper Energy Storage GmbH (UST) brought the power-to-gas plant “WindGas Falkenhagen” successfully on stream. With this project Uniper has been demonstrating, as one of the first companies worldwide, a way how renewable energy can be stored in the natural gas grid in order to make production independent from consumption. For the pilot plant in Falkenhagen (Germany) Hartmann Valves supplied 24 true metal to metal sealing ball valves, designed to meet the excessive demands for service associated with pure hydrogen whilst ensuring maximum safety.

Reference Power to Gas | Uniper Energy Storage
Hydrogen Solutions
Project WindGas Falkenhagen
Operator/Engineering Uniper Energy Storage GmbH
Program Power-to-Gas
Inception October 2011
Start-Up August 2013
Valves 24 Shut-off Ball Valves (DN 25 and DN 50 up t o PN 100)
Design seal welded, double barrier (Double-Piston-Design)
Flow Rate max. 360 Nm3/h
Operating Pressure 55 bar
Fluid pure hydrogen
Customer Statement

With Falkenhagen we want to test on pilot-scale how a connection between power and gas grid can be achieved, how we can make the fluctuating renewable energy storable, and how we can integrate green hydrogen in other energy systems and applications.

René Schoof
Division Manager Energy Storage Technologies, Uniper Energy Storage GmbH

Pure hydrogen is a challenging fluid. We have decided to use true metal sealing valves because in technical respect this is the best and safest alternative.

Dr. Helge Föcker
Project Manager Storage Facilities & Project Management, Uniper Energy Storage GmbH

During the project Hartmann Valves responded to special demands with high flexibility and was convincing with comprehensive expert advice as well as accommodating service.

Sascha Eigelt, division manager
Technical Office at Friedrich Vorwerk KG (GmbH & Co), Direction of Tendering Procedure

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