Drilling Start-Up in Freiham: 1st Section supplied

05. 10月 2015

HARTMANN VALVES defies the crisis in the oil and gas industry with large orders received for deep geothermal projects. For the actual big order placed by Stadtwerke München the first wellhead components for the production well were supplied just in time for drilling start-up to Freiham. At a depth of more than 2.300 meters a huge hot water resource has been located which already as from 2016 is scheduled to be deployed for stoking the district Freiham with natural heat. “We appreciate the positive operational experiences being made with our high-class components. Such excellent results get around in this industry and help us to fill our order books”, states Helmut Berger, registered manager sales, who is in charge of all German geothermal projects.

Reference Geothermal Traunreut


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